Revolutionary Advantages


While competitive products, such as HDPE Poly are trucked one-quarter of a mile at a time and require welding or fusing for each joint, which is typically every 40 feet, our system is comprised of one-eighth of a mile of Revolution’s hose which can be trucked in three miles at a time. All parts – the hose, the corrugated pipe and the fittings - are engineered to be interchangeable and require no welding. High pressure problems are mitigated as Revolution’s system doubles the traditional allowed pounds per square inch to 250 PSI.

  • Lower capital cost – 30-35% savings compared to HDPE (Poly) pipe.

  • Up to three times faster install times – 3-5 miles per week depending on terrain.

  • No welding or fusing of joints, avoiding weak failure points.

  • Early leak detection system protecting against environmental accidents.

  • Damaged line replacement requiring no excavation and minimal downtime.

  • Early warning system protecting against digging accidents.

  • Coefficient of Friction similar to that of HDPE pipe.

  • Long service life.

  • One-year warranty.

  • Corrosion resistance (1<Ph<14).

  • Comparable pressure ratings to DR-7 and DR-9.