Revolutionizing the Midstream Market


We took a look at what the midstream market has been able to offer by traditional pipeline material, installation and containment and decided it was time to revolutionize it. The result? Revolution Pipeline, a patent pending liquid transfer system comprised of a comprehensive underground network which quickly and efficiently installed to transport fresh water, wastewater, municipal sewerage and industrial liquids in a way the industry has never before seen. Our comprehensive concentric or layered casing system uses significantly less labor to install and separates us from the old standard of pipeline installation in use today.


The Revolution Pipeline system is made up of three main components. The inner or static portion of the system, the outer or containment section (actually two layers) and the detection system. Liquid is transported through the inner hose, which we refer to as the produced water static hose. The containment section is a rigid watertight double wall corrugated pipe and the third component is the early warning detection system.


The produced water static hose is comprised of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) which is extruded through a synthetic blend of polyester and Kevlar. This proprietary technique allows the melted TPU to be squeezed through a specialized weave, binding the jacket tightly to the extruded TPU, inside and out. Its triple layering results in a strong, puncture resistant, polyester/Kevlar reinforced hose with an abrasion resistance four to five times higher than that of standard nitrile rubber. This is a critical component in performing demanding applications such as high-volume water transfer or dredging water transfer.


The containment section is comprised of a smooth, high density polyethylene pipe providing a smooth watertight protective environment. It is within this annular space that the early warning system is installed. Depending on customer preference it will consist of either float and/or water sensor(s). The system can be configured as an auto pump kill switch and/or auto-close valves and will send notification of the leak. The jacket layer is a corrugated polyethylene that protects the entire system from digging accidents and allows for burial of up to 35 feet.