Revolution Pipeline was created to solve one problem: To move water, produced water in particular, in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. To date, We have installed lines ranging from 1,400 to 19,800 feet, and moved millions of barrels of produced water. Revolution Pipeline is pioneering the way the midstream market is handling its produced water.

From our experience & insight in the midstream market we realized that the traditional pipeline components and installation process has been stagnant in development and lacked innovation required for the market to increase efficiency & reduce costs.


Revolutionizing the Midstream Market

Revolution Pipeline, a patent pending liquid transfer system comprised of a comprehensive underground network which is installed to transport fresh water, wastewater, municipal sewerage and industrial liquids.

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Revolutionary System

The Revolution Pipeline system is comprised of three components. The inner hose, outer containment, and the detection system. All parts are engineered to be interchangeable and require no welding.

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Revolutionary Speed

Our system is comprised of 1/8th of a mile of Revolution’s hose which can be trucked in three miles at a time. Installation is up to 3 times faster than traditional products (3 to 5 miles per week, depending on terrain).

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We took a look at what the midstream market has been able to offer by traditional pipeline material, installation and containment and decided it was time to revolutionize it.

— Grant Rohlmeier, President